Recruto staffing management system is a web-based, effective planning tool

Recruto offers Sweden’s most efficient staffing management system

The staffing industry has grown strongly in recent years and has become a significant industry. Regardless of the size of companies, there is a great deal of flexibility today in terms of the workforce in order to maintain efficiency and be competitive. It is important to be able to switch easily depending on the business cycle. As the industry now grows rapidly, more people will need an efficient staffing system that facilitates everyday work.

Since its inception in 2003, Recruto has invested in providing an efficient and web-based tool that facilitates the everyday life of our customers, namely a staffing management system.

The great advantage of a staffing management system is that it is also a planning tool which gives the opportunity to simplify, streamline and quality assure your management of extra personnel. Another important reason for using the staffing system Staff is that you get a comprehensive statistics that you can analyze, and thus you get a better basis for both decision-making, control and follow-up. A strength of just Staff is that it can be tailored to your particular business and organization, thus meeting your specific needs.

With the staffing system, you can easily ensure that there are sufficient staff resources in the workplace. The staff fill in when they can work so that you as an employer can then clearly see which ones are available for work. To facilitate further, there is also an app for staff where they can fill in their availability, get information about available passports and see their bookings.

With Recruto’s staffing system, you can easily match available staff to incoming assignments and at the same time you can send inquiries to them directly to the app or via sms and book them immediately. You can contact and book several people at the same time. All in all, you do not have to call around unnecessarily, thereby saving precious working time. With the staffing system Staff makes staffing easier compared to traditional tools and you ensure that there are always enough resources in your workplace. Read more about Recruto’s staffing management system.

Prices for Recruto’s staffing management system

  • SEK 795 / month for 1 workplace and 1 user. Then SEK 79 / month per new workplace / user
  • Start-up fee: SEK 0
  • Notice period: 1 month
  • Text cost: SEK 1 / pc

* Workplace is the unique physical address where you book your staff

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