The recruitment process with Recruto

Using Recruto’s recruitment tool, you can create a job ad and publish it on a variety of job sites. Customise the application forms to your specific needs. Create a questionnaire to get exactly the information you want from candidates. Decide which of your colleagues to involve in the process by assigning different permissions.

Automatic messages meet those who apply in conjunction with their gathering in a clear list. Choose to mark the various applications and make notes. You can also rank the candidates and or show suitability on a scale of 1-10. Information that is then presented in a clear bar. Create your own e-mail templates and notify candidates as you forward them in the recruitment process.

Evaluate the result

By analyzing the statistics collected with Recruto Recruitment Tool, you get a good basis for decision-making. Which publishing channels were most effective? How many applied in total? How many women and men? Save interesting profiles that do not reach an employment to a candidate bank for the future.

Safe and secure

Recruto has been developing web-based tools for over 10 years. We provide stable systems with high security. We create daily encrypted backups for at least of 30 days. We included support both by mail and telephone during office hours (08:00 – 17:00) on weekdays. Recruto also handles support questions from candidates, but only via email.

GDPR management

Recruto’s web-based tools follow GDPR. We create the best conditions for you as a personal data manager and customer to follow applicable laws and regulations. Read more about how Recruto views GDPR and what we do in concrete our tools.

Value for money

Recruto has a payment model that suits both small and large companies. The basic fee is the same for everyone regardless of size. Depending on the number of users / workplaces to access the tool, the cost varies. It is easy to add but also easy to delete users and workplaces.

From 995kr
  • For 1 user and 1 * workplace. Then 79kr / month per new user / workplace
  • Start-up fee: 0kr
  • Termination period: 1 month before the end of the contract
  • SMS: 1kr per SMS
  • * Workplace is the unique physical address to which you recruit.

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