Recruitment Tool and Staffing Management System

Recruto’s recruitment tool and staffing system are designed to optimize your entire recruitment and staffing process.

Simple, user-friendly and affordable.

A powerful Recruitment Tool and Staffing Management System to automate your workflow. Works as standalone modules but also excellent in combination with each other.

Recruitment Tool

Recruto rekryteringsverktyg

Recruitment tool that support and facilitate your recruitment process.

From 995kr / month

Staffing Management System

Recruto bemanningsverktyg

A system that simplifies and streamline the management of your staff.

From 995kr / month

Rekrytering och GDPR

The regulation aims to strengthen and modernize the EU’s data protection law and defend our rights and freedom. That’s something that we at Recruto value and respect.

What do our customers say?

It is important to us that Recruto’s customers are satisfied with our web-based recruitment tool and staffing management system.

We strive to be responsive and find out what our customers think of our systems and what we can do better.

We work to be at the forefront when it comes to new smart functions that can facilitate the recruitment and staffing process.

Latest news

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Social media is today a given communication and advertising channel for most companies, regardless of industry. To make it easy for you to get your ad out to Facebook and

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New features associated with GDPR

We are launching a function for automatic removal of candidates in the recruitment tool. You as superadmin have access to the new functionality via the Control Panel -> Automatic removal.

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Ett urval av lediga jobb publicerade via Recruto

    Recruto makes it easier.

    Since its start in 2003, the focus on the business has been to develop web-based systems that simplify everyday life for our customers. Within the framework of our focus, we have developed two systems that streamline and support different parts of the personnel supply.