Recrutos Recruitment system is simple and web-based

Recruto Rekryteringsverktyg

Recruto provides a web-based recruitment system. It is a web-based recruitment tool that lets you as a customer streamline the hiring process. One of the benefits of using eRek is the high level of user-friendliness that allows you to focus your time on the right things and the right people.

With eRek, it is easy to advertise vacancies and assignments on several different sites at the same time. You choose which of your colleagues should be involved in the recruitment process and you can easily adapt the application form to your specific needs.

Recruto’s web-based recruitment system makes it easy to sort candidates and get a good overview. You can mark each individual candidate with different predefined flags and rate them. The information is presented in a clear and clear way. You can also create templates for e-mail so that you can easily communicate with the candidates that are relevant to you.

In Recruto’s recruitment system, you can easily share interesting applications with people who do not have access to the system. In conjunction with each candidate, you can then send the profiles of interesting candidates to people who are not users of the recruitment system. This way of working saves both time and money in your recruitment work.

The recruitment system also offers an opportunity to book interesting candidates for interviews, which are then automatically displayed in a calendar. You can also share this information with your colleagues. There is a built-in function where candidates are also given the opportunity to confirm booked interview occasions by a simple push of a button. This is to minimize misunderstandings and not risk forgetting the interview. In the eRek recruitment system, it is also possible to upload employment contracts or have them generated during the actual employment. In addition, eRek has the opportunity to build a candidate bank for the future, which can be valuable.

A major advantage that the recruitment tool offers, unlike many other recruitment systems, is multilingual support. This is a competitive advantage in today’s global world where recruitment is no longer limited to the local or regional, but takes place across borders between countries. The fact that Recruto’s recruitment system also offers both printing opportunities and the opportunity to get good statistics after completed recruitment creates the conditions for good analysis and optimization work. Useful information that will make your next recruit even more successful!

Last but not least, it is important that the candidates get a good first impression of you and of the company you represent. This recruitment system is also easy to use for the candidates and should there be any uncertainties when registering the application, Recruto is on hand for quick support. Read more about this recruitment tool.

Benefits of the recruitment system

  • 100% web based
  • Simple & user friendly
  • Great automation
  • Clear statistics
  • High security

Read more about the benefits of the recruitment tool

Prices for recruitment system eRek

  • SEK 795 / month for 1 * workplace and 1 user. Then SEK 79 / month per new unit / user
  • Start-up fee: SEK 0
  • Notice period: 1 month
  • Text: 1 kr / pcs

* Workplace is the unique physical address to which you recruit

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