How to write a simple and good job advertisement!

Have you thought about what a really good job advertisement looks like?

We at Recruto have studied several successful advertisements with our customers and concluded that a good job advertisement should be kept simple while at the same time needing attention. Avoid listing too many requirements, formalities and qualifications. Think “Less is more” and read our 6 tips on what you can do to create an attractive job ad.

1. Headline – Think Flyer! What usually determines whether a potential candidate clicks on and reads a job advertisement is the headline itself. The headline needs to attract attention and both creativity and humor can be used extensively.

The headline does not necessarily have to include the job title because it still appears in the ad details. Instead, try to use and leverage your creativity to generate an attractive headline that creates interest.

Examples of a job as a Social Media Manager: How many instagrams does one kilogram go to?

Examples of a computer-related job: Are you a person who has everything under ctrl?

2. Begin with emotion Keep in mind that those who read your ad may already have filled in an application form or are sitting on a cellphone in the subway or bus where it can be difficult to concentrate.

Therefore, it is important to keep the introduction short, concise and emotionally charged. Do not use more characters than a twitter post with max 3-4 sentences that clearly describes the most exciting thing about the job you are looking for and something that makes you want to know more.

3. Tell us about your company’s history How many years have you been, the number of employees, interesting customers or projects, awards or recognition, the feeling that permeates your company culture and what you usually think of for fun things together.

Paint a rich picture of your company that allows the applicant to see themselves as part of this context and make them want to identify themselves with your company’s brand.

4. Sell the position Skip the infinitely long bulleted list that contains all the necessary requirements for this job. Try to limit yourself to a maximum of 3-4 points and focus instead on what a normal day can look like, areas of responsibility, interesting colleagues, flexible working hours, benefits and development opportunities.

Keep in mind that you are trying to differentiate yourself from competitors that offer similar positions.

5. Improve your autoresponders via email. Review all emails you send to candidates at every step of the hiring process. Make sure the answers are clear, personal and that you continue to attract the candidate there and keep the interest in the service alive.

Poor feedback on a new application risks destroying the important first impression one has the opportunity to give the candidate.

6. Encourage candidates to apply for this particular position In Recruto’s recruitment tool, we have developed a feature that allows you to write a short title with a corresponding short text that appears before the Apply button at the bottom of the advertisement.

It gives you another chance to encourage candidates to apply for this particular job.

Below we show how easy it is to create an ad with Recruto


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We are always interested in what you think about Recruto.

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