Recruto Dashboard – Now in our recruitment tool.

As of today, you are greeted by the Recruto Dashboard when you log in to the Recruto Recruitment Tool. The word dashboard that comes from English means dashboard and where important and overall information is presented for you and your colleagues. The purpose of our dashboard is to make your work more efficient, easier and hopefully a little more fun.

Recruto Dashboard -Recruitment Tool

In our first version of the Recruto Dashboard you will find the following information:

Latest applications

Here you get a quick overview of the most recent candidates who came in, what service they applied for and whether they were assessed by you or a colleague.

Popular ads

Here are the top 5 ads that received the most applications. Popular ads can give you an insight if there are factors that make certain ads perform better than others.

Weekly Activities

New week new possibilities! Recruto always keeps you updated by keeping track and showing what weekly activities related to your recruits you have in front of you.


Where do most of the candidates come from and what channel should you invest in in the future? Sources can give you rich information when you need to evaluate which publishing channels generate the most traffic. Also free publishing channels like Recruto Job are included in sources!

Latest notes

Read the latest notes you or your colleagues have written about candidates or recruitments and jump back into the game more easily.

News from Recruto

Here you will find the latest news and updates from Recruto. We make sure you never miss anything important again!


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We are always interested in what you think of Recruto.

Email to: or Call: 031-799 90 65

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