Christmas presents from Recruto – may be opened in 2020

Coming in the near future

Dashboard In order to present important and comprehensive information to you and your colleagues, we release a dashboard shortly after Christmas that is intended to make your work even easier and more fun.

Social Media Advertising With smart data-driven advertising for Facebook and Instagram, we will offer a modern communication and advertising channel that suits most industries. There will be 3 different packages to choose depending on what distribution you want in social media.

Supplementary questions You will be able to ask selection questions to candidates (not only as today in the application form) but also later in the thinning process. Choose, for example, to send specific follow-up questions to candidates who have gone through the recruitment process. Questions that are simply intended for a specific group of people.

Recruto Mail Being able to easily communicate with candidates is valuable and saves time. With Recruto Mail, you get answers directly into the recruitment tool instead of communicating with the candidates via your own email client. We have devised this new communication solution for some test customers in 2019 and the result is very positive. Soon, new functionality will be available to enable all our customers.

Pssst! You haven’t missed Recrutojobb.se?

Recruto jobs are a service we provide to help your ads reach more candidates and in a neat way. This is the first step. We will develop Recrutojobb.se and offer more services that will facilitate your work.

Remember that with the help of accurate cover images, you attract candidates and clarify what the ad is about. This visualizes the ads in the image above. It’s worth spending a little extra time finding the right cover image for your ad. It can make a big difference.

Note Don’t forget to choose Recruto Jobs as a publishing channel when creating your ad. It’s free!

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