What makes employees want to change jobs?

What makes employees want to change jobs? 4 factors contribute to job change.

What makes people want to change jobs? This is a question that many employers are considering when employees come up with the sudden message of a career change.

In addition to the thoughtful employer, there is also an issue that the hiring manager finds interesting when interviewing a potential employee.

New is exciting

Many people find it exciting to play with the idea of a new job. There is much to learn – new systems, new working methods and new routines. Not to mention all the new people you have the opportunity to meet and enjoy a “after work” drink with.

After a while, the routines have fallen into place and with more experience, self-confidence has grown stronger and made it possible to take on more challenging tasks.

4 factors contribute to job change


What happens when the challenges are no longer considered or felt as challenges, and personal development stagnates? With too little stimuli, the engagement also decreases with time.

According to a survey of 1,419 people from Sweden’s largest working environment newspaper, Work Life, the most common reasons for the job job are the following:

  • Few challenges at work (21 percent)
  • Being alone about one’s work (20 percent)
  • That the tasks are boring (17 percent)


Even if the commitment is resolved and the employee feels that there is enough information to develop one, questions like “How well paid can I get compared to my colleagues and friends doing similar work?”

If the employee feels that they have gone through a number of salary negotiations without a successful result, there is a great risk that they will start looking through vacancies to find something new.


There will be periods when there is a lot of work, periods of slightly smaller jobs and periods when everything is just right. This is perfectly normal and is not considered anything strange in workplaces. Only the different periods do not last too long.

The problem arises when it becomes either too much or too little to do for a long time. Too much workload puts on the health and in turn the mood. Too little work means that time at work can be perceived as boring and that what the employee does not feel contributes. Having to pretend to be busy when there is nothing to do is strenuous in itself.

Is the grass greener on the other side?

Friends and family affect us a lot and if we hear that everyone around us is doing great at their jobs, loving their colleagues and that they long for Monday, it is easy to begin to feel a strong will to be just as happy.

Employees spend most of their waking time at work and therefore a working environment with colleagues who work together plays a big role. Employees who can have fun together are also better at working together.

To think about when recruiting

When recruiting, you want to hear that the candidate is looking for the job in order to have greater challenges and opportunities to be promoted. It is better than hearing that the job search is due to difficult working conditions or because the candidate “hates” his job, his colleagues or his manager.

To increase the chances of finding the right person when recruiting, it is wise to use selection questions when creating a new ad. It can be a piece of the puzzle that helps you to apply among all applications.

With the help of Recruto’s recruitment tool, you can use selection questions and find out why a person wants to change jobs

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