Easy to use web solutions that simplify the supply of employees!

Are you looking for a recruitment tool?

eRek - a web-based tool loaded with features to make your next recruitment a success.

  • 100% web based, no plugins required
  • Help pages will guide you through the system on first launch
  • Statistics / reports and click tracking for each channel
  • From 695 SEK / month (1 user + 1 unit)

Want to know when your support staff can work?

Staff - a web-based tool that simplifies and streamlines the management of your substitute pool.

  • 100% web based, no plugins required
  • Track of when your support staff can work
  • Reach out with the requests via SMS to multiple simultaneously
  • From 695 SEK / month (1 user + 1 unit)

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Client testimonials

creative-channels “ We found the right workflow directly using eRek and Staff. Recruitment and staffing in the same system streamlined our work tremendously. ”

— Andreas Hellmers
Creative Channels

avatar “ We were looking for an easy to use and affordable recruitment solution that could handle large volumes of requests and in several languages. ”

— Terese Andersson

rezidor “ We chose eRek as tools to streamline our recruitment. A simple tool with good support that makes it easier for us to recruit and candidates who apply. ”

— Gunilla Borgström Mattsson

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9 October, 2012

Interesting article from Mashable about recruiting talent

Mashable - Business has published an interesting article about the challenges a company faces when hiring talent, and breaks it down to 5 key characteristics to look for in your...

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7 July, 2012

New Customer: Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Gothenburg started using Recrutos recruitment tool eRek to advertise and manage applications! The Rezidor Hotel Group is one of the fastest growing...

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18 May, 2012

HEM uses the new version of Erek

HEM (Halmstad Energy and Environment) now uses Recrutos powerful new version of the recruiting tool eRek. A tool that offers more flexibility and makes the process of selecting...

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Why Recruto?

Recruto AB is a small company with big clients. Since its inception in 2002, the focus of the business was to create digital solutions that simplify the supply of personnel for our customers. In practice this means that our offering to our customers is simplicity and speed, regardless of which of our tools the customer uses. You can try any of our tools !

As part of our focus, we have developed two web-based tools that streamline and support different aspects of customers' manpower. The two tools Erek and Staff function as independent modules, as well as in combination with each other. Everything depends on the customer's needs and wants.

In addition to web-based tools also operates Recruto The Swedish efficient CV-site, Vikarien.se. Vikarien.se is a unique online service that connects job seekers with companies that need to quickly and easily get hold of staff. Today conveyed 100's of jobs and temporary daily via Vikarien.se.