Temporary employment - when the need of employees go up.

Simplify, streamline and quality assure the mediation of your extra staff.
Recruto’s staffing management system ensures that there is always sufficient resources on all units. This means that you can save both time and money, which can instead be used to improve the quality of other activities.

By analyzing the statistics that are collected in the tool, you as a responsible person get a good basis for follow-up, control and decision-making. In addition, control functions ensure that all substitutes in the database fulfils the required requirements and permissions. In this way, the system provides reliable and accurate substitute proposals.

We have a modern and flexible staffing management system that can easily be tailored to the specific needs of the business and used advantageously with our recruitment tool.

That is how it works

As an employer, you invite your extra staff to Recruto staffing management system where they easily create their profiles and completes their schedule to show which days and times they are available to work. In the future, you won’t have to make unnecessary calls because you can easily see which people in your extra-personnel pool are available for work. In addition to filling in their free time via your computer, your staff can also download an app where they can update their availability, view their bookings and get information about available work shifts via their smartphone.

Match the available staff through the staffing management system and choose to send out inquiries or book directly. Whether it is a request or a direct booking, your staff is automatically notified via the app. In addition to information via the app, you can also choose to notify your staff via email and SMS. One advantage of using the staffing management system is that you can contact and book several people at the same time without having to call around. When you create an inquiry, you can also enable your staff to be able to express an interest or book themselves for different work shifts.

Value for money

Recruto has a payment model that suits both small and large companies. The basic fee is the same for everyone regardless of size, but depending on the number of users / workplaces to access the system, the cost varies. It is easy to add but also easy to delete users and workplaces. For the extra staff to be staffed through the system – no cost is charged.

Från 995kr
  • For 1 user and 1 * workplace. Then 79 kr / month per new user / workplace
  • Start-up fee: 0kr
  • Termination period: 1 month before the end of the contract
  • SMS: 1kr per SMS
  • * Workplace is the unique physical address where you book your staff.