Recruto AB - General terms and conditions

The following conditions apply to Recruto AB’s (hereinafter Recruto) sales in Sweden and abroad via Internet to companies (hereinafter referred to as Customers).

This website is provided by Recruto in the manner described below. Recruto is committed to protecting the privacy of its users and strives to provide safe and secure use of the Recruto webbased tools. By using the website, you accept this agreement, as well as what is stipulated in Recruto’s privacy policy.

Recruto AB
Box 7080
SE-300 07 Halmstad
Organization number: 556648-7517


Since the start in 2002, Recruto’s focus has been creating digital solutions to simplify the staffing process for our customers. Within our focus, we have developed three web-based tools to support recruitment, staffing and time reporting processes, hereinafter “The Service”. The main modules “Recruitment” and “staffing” works as stand-alone modules as well as in combination with each other. “Time” is an add-on module to “Staffing”.


2.1 Terms of contract
In connection with each purchase, the customer must take note of and approve these contract terms.

2.2 Personal data processing and integrity
Recruto is the personal data assistant for the processing of your personal data in the Service and is then responsible for the organizational and technical security measures that are described in detail in the Personal Data Assistant Agreement (Appendix 1) and its sub-appendices that follow this User Agreement. The person responsible for the processing of your data in the Service is the Customer, who is the registered organization with Recruto.

Recruto collects personal information about you as a user and customer in order to provide the Service and give you the best possible experience of both the Service and our website. It is necessary for us to be able to identify you, administer your account, inform you about important events in the Service, for statistical purposes and for direct marketing (which you can unsubscribe from). The personal information that is collected when ordering is needed to handle the order, invoice and send login information to you and to be able to contact you. The personal data may also be processed in order to follow up your customer relationship, to spread user tips and relevant news.

Recruto is responsible for the processing of the personal data that Customer share with us when registering an account, ordering services, requesting support, visiting our website and accepting cookies, add Users or, where applicable, other contacts. Processing takes place mainly for administrative purposes, meaning that Recruto can fulfill agreements that have been reached.

As a customer, you can contact Recruto to find out what information we have collected, as well as instructions on how you on your own can find this information. We strive to implement this without delay. You have the right to request a register extract of what information is registered about you free of charge once a year, provided you have legitimate reasons. In some cases, you also have the right to data portability of the personal data. You have the right to have your personal data corrected if it is incorrect, incomplete or misleading and the right to limit the processing of personal data until it is changed. You have the right to be forgotten, but deletion of personal data can not take place if it is required to fulfill the agreement or if other Swedish or European law, court or authority decisions say otherwise, or if it is based on a balance of interest.

2.3 Registration
In connection with the creation of a customer account, in order for Recruto to be able to fulfill its contractual obligations, the customer must:
a) Register a Recruto account by filling in all the information in the registration form correctly and truthfully.
b) Provide their consent for Recruto and / or its ledger companies to process the personal data by entering data in their customer register.
c) Provide consent that enable för Recruto to collect anonymized information from webbased tools, platforms and / or systems via automated data collection tools. The customer understands and accepts that Recruto collects and uses such information for the purpose of securing, maintaining and improving tools, platforms and / or systems, as well as for statistics and analyzes of various kinds.

2.4 Customer information, password, etc.
To access the Service, a login with a username and password is required. The Customer must ensure that login information to the Service is stored securely. The login procedure is fully encrypted, which means that no information is sent in unencrypted form (plain text).

Recruto may use information from the customer register for marketing purposes during the 30-day Trial period. By accepting these terms, the customer gives their consent to this use of their information. The customer can at any time after the Try-on period revoke the consent given by contacting Recruto at or unsubscribe on their own.

Recruto’s customer register is confidential. Recruto undertakes not to pass on information from the register to anyone other than partners within the company group or to any other extent than what is stated in current law.


3.1 Support
As a paying customer to Recruto, free support is provided for the services and tools the customer has signed an agreement for. During office hours (08:30 – 17: 00) on non-holiday weekdays, staff is available by phone and email (answered within 12 hours). Recruto also handles support questions from candidates and personel who have or are about to register their profile in the database, but only via email (answered within 12 hours).
As a “Trial” customer at Recruto, free support is provided from the tools the customer uses / tests. During office hours (08: 00-17: 00) on non-holiday weekdays, support staff is available by phone and email (answered within 24 hours).

Recruto also handles support questions from candidates and staff who have or are about to register their profile in the database. However, only via email (answered within 24 hours). After the “Trial” period has expired and the customer has not started subscribing to any tool, the customer can not be demanded / use any further support.

Via unique login information, the customer can also search for answers to common support matters via the FAQ and via manuals under the menu option Support.

3.2 Denial of publication of job advertisement
Recruto has the right to refuse publication of an advertisement if a message, text or other in the advertisement is contrary to Swedish law, if a message harms Recruto, or if advertising content can be perceived as offensive to third parties.


4.1 Customers who have not been a customer of Recruto during the past 24 months have the opportunity to try the recruitment tool and / or staffing tool for 30 days.

4.2 The Custom can add a maximum of three users and three workplaces during the trial period. Likewise, the customer can place a maximum of three ads.

4.3 The Customer does not have to notify Recruto in case where the Customer does not want to proceed as a paying Customer. In cases where the Customer does not choose to start a subscription, the opportunity to advertise and receive applications is terminated. Existing applications that have been received can continue to be opened, handled and communicated with for a further ten days.

4.4 These General Terms and Conditions apply during the trial period and the Customer is, despite the tools themselves being free of charge, responsible for any payment and order made by the Customer via the Services (such as advertising on payment sites such as Metrojobb or Blocket and SMS according to current tariff).


5.1 Pricing
The price of the tools (recruitment, staffing and time) excluding VAT is the price, which at the time of the order is stated when you make a purchase logged in to your subscription page. The customer confirms each purchase in order to be able to use a service that is associated with a cost.

5.2 SMS
Sent text messages through one of Recruto’s tools cost 1 SEK per unit if no special arrangement has been made.

5.3 Invoicing
Recruto invoice the customer quarterly for the services the customer purchased from Recruto during the period, provided that no special terms have been agreed for a Customers account. he basic subscription is invoiced in advance and variable parts such as extra users and extra workplaces are invoiced in arrears. The invoice is sent digitally via e-mail free of charge. If a paper invoice is desired, an invoicing fee of SEK 35 will be added.

5.4 Terms of payment
Payment terms are 30 days if no special terms have been agreed for Customers account. VAT is added to all prices. Interest on arrears is paid in accordance with the Swedish Interest Act.

5.5 Scope
The agreement covers the Services that the Customer has ordered in connection with the conclusion of the Agreement as well as the additional services that the Customer orders during the period of agreement.

5.6 Termination
The subscription can be terminated with 1 month’s termination by either party (Recruto or Customer) provided that no special terms have been agreed for Customers unique account. If the subscription is not canceled, it will continue to run quarterly, provided that no special conditions have been agreed for your account.

5.7 Other terms of agreement
Through this Agreement and in accordance with the terms set forth herein, Recruto grants to the Customer, a non-exclusive, non-transferable or transferable license to use the Services itself during the term of the Agreement and to allow Users to use the Services.


All data in Recruto AB’s database is confidential. Recruto AB undertakes not to pass on information in the register to third parties or to any other extent than what is stated in current law. Recruto shall establish and maintain the technical and organizational measures required to protect personal data.

Recruto undertakes during the term of the agreement and on the terms specified in the Agreement to provide the Services that the Customer has purchased. The services must be provided professionally.


Recruto AB disclaims all liability for damage, except for the damage caused by gross negligence, which may follow from Recruto AB’s obligations under this agreement. The liability for compensation is limited to direct damage and Recruto AB is not responsible for lost profits or other indirect damage.


The full employer responsibility lies with the customer. The tools that Recruto AB provides are only mediation tools. The Customer is responsible for the processing of personal data in relation to the User’s use of the Service. Recruto is the personal data assistant for this information. It is therefore the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the Customer has a legal basis for the processing of personal data and that other requirements in the Personal Data Act are complied with, for example in relation to the Customer’s customers.

8.1 Confidentiality

Access to personal data in Recruto AB’s database must be treated by the customer with care and in accordance with current legislation. Customer accepts and understands to be responsible for:

  • Passwords used should not be spread or made available to unauthorized persons. If there is a risk of spread, that the password has fallen into the wrong hands or been lost, you are obliged to change your password immediately.
  • With the technology available on the market, prevent computers, operating systems, programs and data files from being infected by computer viruses, Trojan horses and the like.

Information relating to confidentiality is otherwise regulated in Appendix 1 of the Personal Data Assistant Agreement, which follows this User Agreement under 6. Security and confidentiality.

8.2 Customer data
The Customer holds all rights to and responsibility for the Customer’s data in the Service. However, Recruto has the right to use the Customer’s data for statistical purposes (where data is presented anonymously and not specifically to the User / Customer) and to improve and develop the Service. Customer’s data here refers to all information that Customer and Users store or generate in Recruto’s tools, platforms and / or systems.

Upon termination of the agreement, the Customer’s data is stored for sixty (60) days after the last validity date of the agreement, after which Recruto has the right to delete the Customer’s remaining material from Recruto’s servers. If requested of the Customer, all data shall be deleted immediately after the termination of the agreement. The Customer’s data consists of e.g. ersonal data, the Customer must independently clear all stored personal data no later than 15 days after the agreement ends.

If, due to current legislation or other government decisions, there would be obstacles for Recruto to delete the Customer’s data, 8.2 second paragraph does not apply.


9.1 Force Majeure
Force Majeure such as war, extensive labor dispute, blockade, fire, environmental disaster, serious contagion or other circumstance beyond the control of a party and which prevents a party from fulfilling its contractual obligations relieves a party of the fulfillment of its obligations. Such exemption applies provided that the business cannot be conducted under satisfactory conditions. The other party shall be notified immediately if there are circumstances which may give rise to the application of this provision.

9.2 Change in the Service
Recruto is responsible for the further development of the Service and alone decides which improvements and technical adjustments are to be made in the Service. Recruto also has the right to change the terms of the Service, as well as the technical and administrative procedures that apply. Such amended terms take effect thirty (30) days after they have been notified to Customer.

9.3 Information
Information about purchases and other information is provided by e-mail to for registered customers.

9.4 Complaints
If the customer has complaints, these can be submitted via e-mail to or by post to Recruto, Box 7080, SE-300 07 Halmstad.

9.5 Disputes & Laws
Swedish law shall apply to all purchases in accordance with these terms and conditions. Disputes concerning purchases in accordance with these terms and conditions shall be tried exclusively by a Swedish general court.

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Appendix 1 – Personal data assistant agreement

This Personal Data Assistant Agreement (hereinafter Assistant Agreement) applies between Recruto
AB, 556648-7517 (hereinafter Recruto) and Customers (hereinafter the Customer) who have chosen to enter into this assistant agreement with Recruto.

This Assistant Agreement together with Recruto’s updated Terms of Use and Recruto’s new Privacy Policy will take effect on May 25, 2018. You as a customer agree to these changes by using our services on that day or thereafter as long as nothing else has been agreed.

1 Introduction

1.1 25 of May 2018, a new General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the GDPR) from the EU entered into force, which means stricter handling and storage of personal data. Through this Assistant Agreement, the Parties fulfill the requirement set out in Current Data Protection Legislation that there must be a written agreement when the Personal Data Controller transfers to a Personal Data Assistant to process personal data on behalf of the Personal Data Controller. This agreement aims to ensure that Recruto carries out a processing of personal data on behalf of the Customer in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

1.2 The Assistant Agreement constitutes an appendix to the User Agreement to the Recruto Service and covers the same period of time as the User Agreement. Through the Assistant Agreement and the User Agreement, the Personal Data Officer gives instructions to the Personal Data Assistant on how the Personal Data Assistant shall perform the assignment. Additional instructions on the processing of personal data shall comply with the formal requirements set out in this Assistant Agreement.

1.3 If someone else together with the Customer is responsible for personal data for the relevant Personal Data, the Customer shall promptly inform Recruto.

1.4 This Personal Data Assistant Agreement takes precedence over any conflicting provisions regarding the Processing of Personal Data in the Main Agreement or in other agreements entered between the Parties.

2. Definitions

Unless the circumstances clearly show otherwise, the definitions used in the Agreement shall have the corresponding definition set out in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“General Data Protection Regulation”) and in accordance with practice.

For the purposes of this Agreement, the following terms have the meanings set forth below:

  • personal data refers to all kinds of information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a person who is alive
  • processing refers to any action or series of actions taken in the matter of personal data, whether or not it is done automatically
  • “personal data controller” means a person who alone or together with others determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data
  • personal data assistant refers to the person who processes personal data on behalf of the person responsible for personal data.

3. Responsibilities and instructions of personal data controllers

3.1 The Personal Data Controller shall ensure that all processing of personal data is permitted in accordance with current data protection legislation.

3.2 The Personal Data Controller may only provide the Personal Data Assistant with such personal data as is necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing.

4. Processing of personal data by the Personal Data Assistant

4.1 According to clause 1.2 above, the Personal Data Officer shall, through this Assistant Agreement and Main Agreement, give instructions to the Personal Data Assistant on how the Personal Data Assistant shall process personal data and fulfill its obligations under the Assistant Agreement and Applicable Data Protection Legislation on behalf of the Personal Data Officer.
The instructions must be in writing and the Person responsible for Personal Data is responsible for ensuring that the supplementary written instructions are permitted in accordance with sections 3.1 and 3.2, above. Should the instructions conflict with section 3.1 or 3.2 above, the Personal Data Assistant reserves the right to refuse to comply with the supplementary processing.

4.2 The personal data assistant may only process personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Officer’s instructions and in accordance with current data protection legislation.

If the Personal Data Assistant notices that the Personal Data Controller has provided incorrect, incomplete or incomplete instructions, he shall without undue delay notify the Personal Data Controller in writing.
4.3 The Personal Data Assistant processes personal data for the Personal Data Officer by the Personal Data Assistant providing web-based tools / systems for various parts of the Personal Data Officer’s recruitment, staffing and / or time accounting process.
Information from the treated person is obtained through forms modified by the Customer. In a recruitment or staffing process, personal data is handled and to safeguard security, clarity is required about who has access to the jobseeker’s / employee’s personal data, where and how the data is stored, how and by whom the data is shared, which data is stored and for how long. The jobseeker / employee also has the right to have their information deleted on their own initiative.
The Personal Data Assistant can process the following data for the Personal Data Controller:
  • First and last name
  • Social security number
  • Adress
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Language
  • Country
  • Photo
  • Free text answer
  • Link to LinkedIn profile
  • CV
  • Personal letters
  • Notes
  • Calendar information such as interview bookings
  • Work schedule to visualize availability
  • Time worked in connection with time reports
  • Continuous information sent via e-mail
  • Continuous information sent via SMS
  • Continuous information sent within the system
The Personal Data Assistant also processes contact information about the Personal Data Officer’s users of the Service, in order to be able to fulfill their obligations in accordance with the Main Agreement. In that case, the personal data assistant acts as the personal data controller. More about this can be read in Recruto’s Privacy Policy.
4.4 The Personal Data Assistant may not represent the Personal Data Officer towards the Competent Supervisory Authority. The Personal Data Assistant shall inform the Personal Data Controller in writing about contacts he has had with the Competent Supervisory Authority regarding the processing of personal data. However, this shall not apply if Recruto is prevented from doing so by law, judgment or official decision.
4.5 Request from a registrant
Inquiries from a registered person to the Personal Data Assistant about how her personal data is processed shall be forwarded to the Personal Data Officer without undue delay. The Personal Data Assistant may only, after written approval from the Personal Data Controller, disclose information to the data subject about how her personal data is processed, unless there is a legal obligation for the Personal Data Assistant to provide the information.
4.6 To avoid misunderstanding, Recruto has the right during the period of validity of the assistance agreement and thereafter to store and process data originating from the Customer in aggregated or anonymised format, i.e. data that does not contain Personal Data.
4.7 For further processing in addition to the Assistant Agreement and the Main Agreement, the Personal Data Officer shall provide supplementary instructions to the Personal Data Assistant.

5. The organizational capacity of the personal data assistant

5.1 The Personal Data Assistant certifies through this Assistant Agreement that he possesses sufficient and necessary technical and organizational capacity and ability, including technical solutions, competence, financial and human resources, routines and methods to be able to fulfill his obligations under this Assistant Agreement and applicable data protection legislation.

5.2 Within the framework of the Personal Data Assistant’s legal obligations, the Personal Data Assistant shall assist the Personal Data Officer in fulfilling his obligations in accordance with current data protection legislation.

Refers to the Personal Data Officer’s request pursuant to the first paragraph above, collaboration regarding impact assessments for data protection, collaboration regarding prior consultation with the Integrity Authority or other competent supervisory authority or collaboration regarding the design of technical and organizational measures for data protection at the Personal Data Controller, the Personal Data Assistant is entitled to compensation in accordance with the hourly rate applicable at any given time.

The Personal Data Assistant shall inform the Personal Data Controller in writing that the requested work shall be debited in accordance with the hourly rate applicable at any given time before such work can be commenced.

6. Security and confidentiality

6.1 All representatives of the Personal Data Assistant have, through their employment agreement, signed a confidentiality agreement that covers all processing of personal data on behalf of the Personal Data Officer that is carried out within the Service. Access to the Personal Data shall be limited to those persons who need it to be able to perform their tasks.

6.2 The personal data assistant shall, through appropriate technical and organizational measures and routines, limit access to personal data to only authorized personnel. The measures must be adapted to a level that is appropriate with regard to the sensitivity of the personal data, the specific risks that exist, the existing technical possibilities and the implementation costs.

6.3 The Personal Data Assistant may not disclose Personal Information without the written consent of the Personal Data Controller, unless there is an obligation for the Personal Data Assistant in accordance with current data protection legislation to disclose the Personal Information.

7. Subcontractors

7.1 Through the Agreement, Recruto has received a general prior permission from the Customer to engage sub-assistants. If Recruto intends to hire a new assistant, Recruto shall inform the Customer of this, so that the Customer can make potential objections. Recruto’s right to engage sub-assistants applies only in the event that each sub-assistant takes security measures that correspond to or offer higher security than the security measures that Recruto has undertaken to take in accordance with the Agreement.

If the Customer objects to a new assistant, Recruto is entitled to extra compensation from the Customer for all costs Recruto incurs due to that the current assistant cannot be used. Recruto also has the right to terminate this Personal Data Assistant Agreement and / or relevant parts of the main agreement in whole or in part with a 30-day notice period.

7.2 If Recruto in accordance with clause 7.1 hires a sub-assistant, Recruto shall sign an agreement which means that the sub-assistant is covered by the same obligations as Recruto has towards the Customer in accordance with the Agreement.

7.3 Transfer of information by a supplier or by an Assistant to a place outside the EEA area (so-called third country) may be made provided that the current requirements for such transfer in accordance with the Data Protection Rules are met. In the event of such transfer, the Supplier shall apply, and in relation to sub-assistants in third countries on behalf of the Customer, enter into agreements where the Sub-Assistant is required to apply appropriate safeguards, such as Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) or standard contract clauses (so-called Standard Contractual Clauses). SCC.

8. Security incident

The Personal Data Assistant shall, without unreasonable delay and not later than 48 hours, from the time it has come to the Personal Data’s knowledge, notify the Personal Data Officer of the existence of, or the risk of, a personal data incident.

Notification in accordance with the first paragraph, above, shall contain all necessary and accessible information that the Personal Data Controller needs to investigate an incident or feared personal data incident.

9. Liability for damage

9.1 Recruto is only liable for damage in cases where:
a) Recruto has not fulfilled any obligations specifically addressed to the personal data assistants under the GDPR and for which liability for damages may follow, and / or

b) Recruto acted in violation of the Agreement and at the written request of the Customer did not make a correction, and / or

c) Recruto acted in violation of the Customer’s written and legal instructions.

9.2 In no event can Recruto be held more liable for damage than that which follows from the GDPR.

10. Applicable law and dispute

Disputes regarding the interpretation or application of this Assistant Agreement shall be settled in accordance with the provisions of applicable law and dispute in the User Agreement. In the event of a dispute over interpretation or application, the user agreement has interpretive precedence.

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Sub-Annex 1 - Assistants for the processing of personal data

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