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Sweden has a shortage of nurses. We are now addressing you who are looking for a new career!
Ongoing recruitments:
Swedish Day 2022 | EURES - European Job Days
Working within the health sector in Sweden: 
You will be directly employed without any intermediator and the
employers will assist you with the relocation process. Salaries offered are according to collective agreements, individual experience and abilities. The amount will be discussed with employers on an individual basis.
General Information for you:
To be able to get a Swedish licence, you need to get your qualifications recognised. You also need to have language skills in Swedish, Danish or Norwegian. 
Benefits - Targeted Mobility scheme (TMS)
If you are an EU/EEA citizen you may be eligible for support from EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme. You can read more at
To be considered as an interesting candidate you will have to meet the following requirements:

- Good English communication skills
- Highly motivated to learn Swedish
- Registered nurse within the EU/EEA.
- If you are not a registered nurse within the EU/EEA you need to have a university degree recognized for practicing as a nurse in one of the EU/EEA Member States and three years experience within EU/EEA.

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Final application date 2022-09-30

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About the company

EURES Arbetsförmedlingen helps jobseekers to find jobs and employers to recruit from all over Europe

The European Union’s principle of free movement of workers is considered one of the most important rights of EU citizens. It means that you can move to any EU Member State, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland to look for and take up a job.

Eures Sweden health recruitment team is part of the Swedish Public Employment Services and are cooperating with many hospitals and County Councils (Regions) in Sweden, looking for registered health specialists within EU/EEA.

We will accept your CV and match with Job offers from employers we are in contact with. The CV will be sent to the employers which can be all over Sweden.